le son du grisli
Interview (2020) by
Guillaume Belhomme

WIRE - 4 records
Review by
Bill Meyer

Inner Compass
solo works (1991-2013)
by Tobias Fischer for Tokafi

Building a Jazz Library
16 releases (1989-2017)
by John Eyles at All about Jazz

Freedom & Sound:
This time it’s personal

by John Butcher

Polwechsel at HCMF
An interview by
Robin Smith

Ezz-thetics - 4 records
Review by
Stuart Broomer

Mining Echoes
Cavern with Nightlife
by David Keenan at the Wire

Inside the Narrative (2001)
Early works
by Rhodri Davies for Avant

Resonant Spaces
Stuart Broomer

World of Echoes
Resonant Spaces tour
by Biba Kopf at the Wire

News from the Shed
by Tobias Fischer
for Tokafi

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