Inside Lyness Oil Tank

Lyness oil tank, Isle of Hoy, Orkneys by Garrard Martin.

Resonant Spaces

In 2006 an uncommon tour, called "Resonant Spaces”, was researched and organised by Barry Esson and Bryony McIntyre of “Arika". They invited Akio Suzuki and John Butcher to visit six striking, non-concert locations in Scotland and the Orkneys - to play solo and in duo.
The spaces were a sea-cave, an underground reservoir, a giant mausoleum, a Neolithic stone circle, a massive oil tank and the UK’s largest surviving ice house.
The artists have released recordings of their solo performances and also the short duos.

World of Echoes - WIRE (Biba Kopf)
Ezz-thetics - Stuart Broomer

Resonant Spaces
Resonant Spaces artDL

Wire / Radio Free Midwich / ATTN

If Butcher’s response to these locations is frequently astonishing – witness the serrated foghorn blasts that moan across the void in ‘New Scapa Flow’– so is the way that these places seem almost to answer his forays. In ‘Wind Piece’, recorded at the Standing Stones of Stenness on the Orkney mainland, the eerie pitch-shifted coos that merge with birdsong and Butcher’s own gurgling breaths could be emanating from the rocks themselves. This is a series of duets, really, Butcher not playing the spaces as much as tussling with them, each performance existing in an ongoing state of modification as he negotiates the different sonic qualities of each of his unusual venues.
Radio Free Midwich - Paul Margree.

Inside Oya Stone Mountain

Oya Stone Mountain, Utsonimiya by Osamo Enomoto.

Site Specific

"Hisashi Terauchi invited me to give a concert in the Oya Stone Mountain, Utsonimiya in 2002. It’s interior is the size of many cathedrals and it was soon clear that the music had to be made specifically for this space. It confirmed a realization begun in 1998 when I played in the war bunkers at Cape Spear, Newfoundland. Improvisation is ideally suited to non-concert enviroments, with it’s ability to respond to atmosphere and acoustic in the moment of creation.

Since then I’ve been fortunate to work in many extraordinary locations. The Resonant Spaces tour, the 120m high Oberhausen Gazometer James Magee’s ‘The Hill' in the Texas desert (with Joe McPhee), the Brønshøj Water Tower (with Rhodri Davies), and a 16th Century convent in Mexico City (with Cepro) amongst them."

Resonant Spaces Tour

1  Lyness Oil Tank, Isle of Hoy - arriving audience
2 Lyness Oil Tank, Isle of Hoy - Suzuki and Butcher
3 Standing Stones of Stenness, Orkney - aolian sax
4 Smoo Cave, Durness - entrance
5 Smoo Cave, Durness - concert (Ruari Cormack recording)
6 Tugnet Ice House, Spey Bay
7 Wormit Reservoir, Fife - examining the entrance
8 Wormit Reservoir, Fife - inside
9 Hamilton Mausoleum - concert
10 Hamilton Mausoleum - outside
11 John Lennon Memorial Garden, Durness - location of Smoo cave
Bryony McIntyre, Keiko Yoshida, Garrard Martin & Iain Lindsay.

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