5:4 on Butcher / Kimmig / Studer / Zimmerlin at HCMF

Yet more radically inventive music came courtesy of saxophonist John Butcher and Trio Kimmig / Studer / Zimmerlin. The skill and subtlety displayed in this concert was, frankly, amazing, with a recurring sense of "how did we get here?" due to the incredibly organic way they gently massaged and manoeuvred musical sounds and materials. Even when focussing more intently on moment-by-moment events, it was still hard to pinpoint exactly where things began to shift and evolve.

Anyone with doubts concerning the veracity of improvisation in comparison to pre-composed music would have had them instantly dispelled. It was a real privilege to see four musicians in such complete control of their instruments, displaying utmost technical and compositional maturity yet with an omnipresent sense of play.

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