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Light Never Bright Enough - WIRE

Keiji Haino - John Butcher

Butcher's flexibility meets the ultimate test on Light Never Bright Enough, in a face-off with Keiji Haino.
Haino's guitar playing veers between broken harmonics, powerchords, oceanic loops and a few sardonic jazz licks, referencing genre just long enough to pervert it. He also storms Butcher's timbral territory with a suona (a Chinese double reed instrument), dims the lights with power-sucking electronics and forlorn crooning, and brings down a rain of metallic chimes.
Butcher faces enveloping soundscapes with rapier parries, amplifies the space age effects with some radioactive feedback of his own, and illuminates the rain with a gorgeous, fully formed melody.
At every turn Butcher has a contribution that simultaneously enhances Haino's gestures and suggests ways past them.

© Bill Meyer / WIRE, Dec 2017.