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WIRE - Daylight

Mark Sanders - John Butcher

Multiphonics and flutter-tonguing are both distinctive hallmarks of John Butcher's saxophone playing. Caught in between pitches, or hovering between sound and silence, stability and instability, they're apt sonic metaphors for his improvisation, which looks back affectionately to the 'jeu de notes'of his early work with John Stevens and Derek Bailey while remaining in line with his latterday explorations of feedback, electronics and environmental acoustics.

Oddly enough, Butcher and Sanders, despite hailing from the same neck of the woods, have played as a duo only rarely, and relatively recently at that. As a result, these three pieces, recorded live at Freedom Of The City in 2010 and the following year in Southampton, combine the thrill of discovery with the maturity of shared experience and history in the London Improv community.

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