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Routing Lynn - WIRE

Rhodri Davies / John Butcher

Routing Lynn sees Butcher extend his ongoing duo with harpist Rhodri Davies.
Outdoor performance recordings, captured beautifully by the field recordist Chris Watson, pull in elements of the ancient North West UK environment, and these are blended here with concert recordings from the same time to create a fascinating work that marries the fragile beauty of the two musicians' enveloping tones with the rush of water, wind and the cry of birds.
If it all sounds a little new age, it isn't, with enough of an acidic edge to Davies's e-Bowed tones or Butcher's growling sax and feedback to steer away suggestions of easy listening.
The piece shifts through different sections that project a confusing, sometimes eerie sense of place with a constant, sometimes menacing musical undertow.

© Richard Pinnell - WIRE 374