Joe McPhee duo

It was a welcome day when the phone rang and Dave Dove, of Nameless Sound, invited Butcher to Texas for two special events with Joe McPhee. Playing solos amongst Dan Flavin's flourescent light sculptures in Houston, then travelling west for a duet performance at James Magee’s extraordinary “The Hill” in the vast Chihuahuan desert.

Under the huge skies of the rock-strewn and treeless Texan desert, they played standing and walking on the cruciform shale walkways and inside the giant steel doors of the four buildings full of sculptural works by artist James Magee. As a record, it is one not easily forgotten. A transatlantic duet by two masters of their horns, it rakes the American rock and sky with uncanny musical truth.
Morning Star - Chris Searle.

Joe McPhee & John Butcher

Chihuahuan desert, West Texas - 2010.

West Texas

1 The Hill - 2 The Chihuahuan Desert - 3 On the Road
4 Dave Dove & Ayanna McCloud of Nameless Sound

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