Obviously the good news is that some concerts are at last possible. Hopefully soon to larger audiences.
Over lockdown I didn’t pick up the saxophone that much, but I did some archive listening and released 8 DLs of concert recordings as a series - The Memory of Live Music.
So, with luck we can now start creating some new memories.

Resonant Spaces

Recordedness, is a site "dedicated to questions related to documentation of sound and the act of recording."

Frantz Loriot asked me some questions about recording in unusual locations - such as the Oya mountain (pictured) in Japan and on the Resonant Spaces tour.

Ni Vu Ni Connu LP series

Ausland, Berlin - by Cristina Marx / Photomusix.

Sometime this year there should be a 5 LP set from ni vu ni connu, with silkscreened sleeves, photos by Cristina Marx and sleeve-notes by Stuart Broomer.
Four from my weekend of ausland concerts in 2019 with - Gino Robair & Thomas Lehn -  Sophie Agnel - Magda Mayas & Tony Buck - Liz Allbee, Ignaz Schick & Marta Zapparoli (in photo).
The 5th is with Burkhard Beins & Werner Dafeldecker from a concert a few months earlier.

The Turn Things Take

During lockdown the arts-centre West in Den Haag has been invited musicians to contribute filmed pieces for an online project. I made The Turn Things Take for soprano saxophone.
In contrast to the expansiveness of Resonant Spaces it was a look “inside”.

Latest Releases

1 We met - and then
Barre Phillips, John Butcher, Ståle Liavik Solberg.
2 Sounds of Assembly
Jennifer Allum, John Butcher, Ute Kanngiesser, Eddie Prévost.
3 Until The Night Melts Away
David Toop, Sharon Gal, John Butcher.
4 Discernement
Dominic Lash, John Butcher, John Russell, Mark Sanders.

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Improvisers Inside Electronics
2 JULY 2021 - 8pm - London
with Eddie Prévost - N.O.Moore - Phil Durrant - James Malone
Iklectic, London SE1 7LG

Two Nights
6 & 7 JULY - 7:30pm - London
Last Dream of the Morning
with John Edwards - Mark Sanders
Café Oto, London E8 3DL

Iklectika Experimental Music & Book Fair
18 JULY 2021 - 4:30 - London
As part of this 2 day (17-18) event - in conversation with Chris Bohn.
Plus a short solo.
Iklectic, London SE1 7LG

First time trio
1 AUGUST 2021 - London
with Dominic Lash & Hannah Charlton
100 Years Gallery, London, E2 8JD

Soprano saxophone quartet
27 AUGUST 2021 - Herrischried
Herrischried, Germany

Klanspuren Festival - Schwarz
Quartet with Liz Albee - Angharad Davies - Ståale Liavik Solberg
Various - tbd
Schwarz, Austria

2nd concert for this trio
26 SEPTEMBER 2021 - London
with Sharon Gal & David Toop
Café Oto, London E8 3DL

Spoonhunt label launch
20 OCTOBER 2021 - London
with Dominic Lash, Pat Thomas, Mark Sanders
Café Oto, London E8 3DL

New HCMF piece for large ensemble
21 NOVEMBER 2021 - Huddersfield
with Isabelle Duthois - Matthias Müller - Liz Albee - Rhodri Davies - Angharad Davies - Hannah Marshall - John Edwards - Pascal Niggenkemper - Sophie Agnel - Pat Thomas - dieb13  - Mark Sanders - Ståle Liavik Solberg
HCMF, Huddersfield, UK


1. Jennifer Allum, John Butcher, Ute Kanngiesser, Eddie Prévost - from Sounds of Assembly.
2. Matthew Shipp, Thomas Lehn, John Butcher - from The Clawed Stone.
3. John Butcher - from Invisible Ear.
4. John Butcher, Phil Durrant, Paul Lovens, Radu Malfatti, John Russell - from News from the Shed.
5. John Butcher - from Resonant Spaces.
6. Barre Phillips, John Butcher, Ståle Liavik Solberg - from We met - and then.

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