Mats Gustaffson's sleeve notes for Conceits

butcher durrant russell in the beginnings of it all

a trio a unit

a real unit a trio

in the beginnings of it all

in my case yes for sure me being a newcomer to it all very hungry for new impressions and expressions

that is how the scene works and has always worked as music and culture works you DO stuff you DO things for others you DO


you DO things you


when the possibility appeared arised

in the beginnings of it all it was such a pleasure to set up some concerts for this unit to create to present a music that was all about communication and sharing no bullshit a real unit of detailed music poetry in an acoustic setting of highest beauty representing something very fresh and creative in my world a new take on the free improvised music that I love so much that I love to get inspired by that kicks me in all directions necessary

this was the first time I heard a new take a new version of the music that started me off with derek bailey evan parker john stevens and likemindeds

for me it was definitely taking off from the same origins and traditions but it was like the music made by this classic trio went into the details much much more going into the cell structure the dna of the music exposing the smallest fragments of poetry and knitting it together with an almost telepathic sensetiveness

the complexity of the enormous number of details available and dealing with them all in every moment all details available at every given moment

at every given moment



with a clarity and obvious shared sense of decision making

with a flow of uncomparable clearness and sense of form

sense it makes sense

in the beginnings






butcher durrant russell

© mats gustafsson umea dec 31st 2014