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Mark Sanders - John Edwards - John Butcher

Last Dream of the Morning

..... springs from a more familiar free-jazz vocabulary, although via markedly different sonic pal- ettes and structures. Butcher is joined by bassist John Edwards and drummer Mark Sanders on Last Dream Of The Morning (Relative Pitch), recorded in London, 2016.
This represents a core of free-jazz-rooted improvisation, in the classic sense. Activity is heightened from the beginning, with Butcher's fine breath-emission control, a vibrato burr and sinuous phrases, darting then pausing.
Edwards has a groaning, bowed bass physicality. Sanders exists inside a forest of metal and skin, throwing out tiny details as he rummages among his stock of additional percussion devices. Tension, clutter and conflict are the dominant characteristics of this dramatic session.

© Martin Longley / DOWNBEAT - Jan 2018.