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Cadence - Invisible Ear

John Butcher

Starting with an ultrahigh pitch closely approaching the audible potential of the human ear and proceeding downward, Butcher on Invisible Ear expands the documentation of his solo efforts. His program reflects two scenarios - one where his solos are created with a close mike or are amplified with feedback, and the other where he incorporates multitracks with and without amplification/feedback.
The processes are interspersed on the recording. Butcher's multitracks suggest symphonic voluminousness, such as What Remains where five tenor and three sopra- no saxophone tracks are layered in eerie suspension in space. Similarly, Atelier resounds to three soprano saxes played in a resonant room. On The importance of Gossip Butcher experiments with the synthesizer to create yet another diverse soundstage of atonal music.

The pieces produced with amplification/feedback take on reverberant mystic characteristics. They become cameos of electronic sound experiments complete with ringing echoes of Butcher's tenor or soprano input. He portrays a kaleidoscopic tonal quality through the resonate processing of the reeds through the electronics. The harmonic range varies greatly on these explorations, often dipping down to abrasive levels after reaching shrill peaks.
The pure Butcher is also present. Four cuts display his concentrated ability to express his artistry witH the horn very close to the microphone but without any amplification or feedback. These selections allow his improvising whims to take flight in multiple, unpredictable directions.

Butcher is a searching, restless musician who is always looking to the horizon for new challenges. His work on this unique performance extends his vocabulary many fold.

© Frank Rubolino / Cadence.