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"Last Dream of the Morning"
Mark Sanders - John Edwards - John Butcher

Crucial Anatomy

When Butcher, Edwards and Sanders released Last Dream of the Morning in 2017, it was, somewhat improbably, the first time the three UK improv stalwarts had played together as a trio. Clearly, it was a situation they were keen to revisit and this follow-up - recorded the following year at London's Cafe OTO - finds them using that previous title as the groups name.
It's essentially the same deal, too: extremely dense and imaginative improvisations that hurtle from one incident to the next at top speed with a cavalier disregard for the possibility of running out of ideas. Musical moments spontaneously appear, briefly coalesce and swiftly dissipate barely before they've had time to register. Check how Edwards upper register bass ping elicits a bobbing call from Butcher and cymbal ting from Sanders, or how, at the opening of the 33-minute ‘Curling Vine; Edward's thick arco drone summons a strange avian trill from the saxophone.
Actually, Butcher is on astonishing form throughout, still somehow finding ways of calling forth new and surprising sounds from the sax. Masters at work.

© Daniel Spicer / JAZZWISE - April 2020.