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A series of monthly albums containing previously unreleased concert music - compiled since March 2020.

#8 First Meeting - wow DL11

Eli Keszler - drums
John Butcher - saxophones

In concert at Café: Oto -2018.

#7 Scene and Recalled - wow DL10

John Edwards - double bass
John Butcher - saxophones

Two sets - Café: Oto (2009) and Red Rose Club (1999).

#6 At Kafé Hærverk - wow DL09

Kaja Draksler - piano
John Butcher - saxophones
Ståle Liavik Solberg - drums & percussion

Live at Blow Out, Kafé Hærverk, Oslo - 2019.

#5 Stovelit Lines - wow DL08

Thurston Moore - electric guitar
Terry Day - drums
John Edwards - double bass
John Butcher - saxophones
Steve Beresford - piano & electronics

Live at Iklectic, London - 2017.

"The group seems to leap out, a full-blown, one-time band that ought to be legendary, producing music that is filled with mysteries, mysteries of source, direction and meaning that are filled with diverse kinds of resonance." ... FREE JAZZ BLOG - Stuart Broomer

free jazz blog | dusted

#4 At CAVE 12 - wow DL07

John Butcher - saxophones
Rhodri Davies - electric harp

Live at Cave 12, Geneva, Switzerland - 2004.

#3 Japanese Duets - wow DL06

John Butcher - saxophones
Rhodri Davies - lever harp, bows, preparations, and e-bows

Live in Tokyo, Fukushima, Sendai and Chiba - 2004.

"There's a bittersweetness about Japanese Duets that's as pungent as the puckered, perfectly placed reports that English saxophonist John Butcher sometimes punches out of his horns." .... DUSTED - Bill Meyer


#2 Live in Italy - wow DL05

John Butcher - saxophones
Riccardo La Foresta - drummophone and percussion

Live in Padove and Staranzano - 2019.

#1 On Being Observed - wow DL04

Solo saxophone performances from 2000-2006.

Inside the giant Oberhausen Gazometer.
Outside the Bop Shop in Rochester, NY.
Live at the Glasgow International Jazz Festival.
Inside Southampton's 12th century Castle Vault.

Made to Measure - wow DL03

A collection of John Butcher's compositions (1998 - 2017) for multiple saxophones, feedback, futurist intonaroumori, historic sound files and more.

Freedom and Sound - wow DL02

An illustrated pdf (english, french, german) of Butcher's 2011 essay "Freedom and Sound - this time it's personal"

Plus 3 solo pieces (35 min) originally given to fundraising compilations.

Resonant Spaces - wow DL01

Originally released on CD & LP.

Location solo recordings from Scotland and the Orkney Islands - 2006.

Includes a 16 page PDF with tour photos plus essays by Biba Kopf and Stuart Broomer.

"Everything about this release is beautiful and intriguing:
the music, the photographs, the notes and the story they tell."


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On Air - wow 05

Studio session recorded for BBC Radio 3 "Jazz on 3" - May 2012.


John Edwards - bass

John Butcher- saxophones

Gino Robair - energised surfaces & synth

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Fires Were Set....

Scrutables - wow 04

Previously unavailable 2000 studio session.

Derek Bailey - guitar

John Butcher - saxophones

Gino Robair - energised surfaces

New York City Jazz Review | The Squid's Ear

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Invisible Ear - wow 03

Reissue of the long out-of-print "fringes" 2003 limited issue.

John Butcher - saxophones; acoustic, close-miked, amplified, feedbacking.

Solo and multitracked.

Sleeve notes by David Toop.

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What Remains....

somethingtobesaid - wow 02

JOHN BUTCHER GROUP - live at the 2008 HCMF.

Chris Burn - piano / John Butcher - saxophones & pre-recordings
Gino Robair - percussion / John Edwards - bass
Thomas Lehn - synth / Dieb 13 - turntables
Clare Cooper - harp/guzheng / Adam Linson - bass & electronic processing.

.. singular and often strangely beautiful music.
Substantial too - like the loaf of bread in Philip Butcher's splendid painting on the cover.
Something said; something really worth saying.

Julian Cowley / WIRE.

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Cavern with Nightlife - wow 01

TWO CONCERTS recorded on tour in Japan, November 2002.

John Butcher:
Solo in the extraordinary acoustic of the Oya Stone Mountain, Utsunomiya.

Toshimaru Nakamura & John Butcher:
Their first meeting, at Super Deluxe Roppongi, Tokyo.

Thanks to Hisashi Terauchi.

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