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Phil Durrant / John Butcher / John Russell
butcher, durrant and russell
© harald mannsberger - nickelsdorf konfrontationen, austria

A powerful zero-degree music that doesn't know how to pander, even to itself.
New Musical Express

The Scenic Route | Concert Moves | Conceits

x-mas 1987 - Richard Cook, Sunday Times.

Phil Durrant and John Butcher met, in 1984, at one of Phil Wachsmann's Saturday afternoon Morley College workshops. They then began rehearsing with John Russell, and playing on the largely musician-run circuit of London venues. ACTA records was set up to release their 1987 LP Conceits.

A reviewer at an early concert in Zürich wrote "Just as no-one understands the British humour, no-one understood this trio's music". Fortunately he was wrong, and the trio continued performing for more than another 10 years.

The Scenic Route

the scenic route cover
order CD from Emanem.
Two live recordings from 1998
Musique Action, Vandoeuvre, France and the Red Rose Club, London

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Concert Moves

German concert recordings.
Schloss Morsbroich, Leverkusen: 1992 and c.u.b.a., Munster: 1991

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 part of this concert


conceits LP cover LP (1987) with cover painting by Jamie Muir.
CD re-issue + extra 15 mins, live in Stockholm 1992.
sleeve notes by Mats Gustaffson.

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"more than just a significant work in the canon of free improvising; it's a marvellous document of what humans are capable of when they work collectively." WIRE (2015)