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Way Out Northwest
butcher, müller, schyff

John Butcher - Torsten Muller - Dylan van der Schyff

"heavenly labials in a world of gutturals"
Brian Morton - WIRE

The White Spot | Way Out Northwest | Points, Snags and Windings (duo)

At the suggestion of writer Jon Morgan, Canadian drummer Dylan van der Schyff played in duo with John Butcher on the 2000 Vancouver Jazz Festival.
The next day they recorded Points, Snags and Windings for Morgan's Meniscus label.
Later concerts have been at London's Vortex club, and back in Vancouver in 2001.

In 2007 they revived their musical relationship in a trio with bassist Torsten Müller, when they again played on the Vancouver Jazz Festival.
Now named Way Out Northwest the trio made a BC tour in 2008 to Vancouver, Victoria and Gabriola Island and recorded The White Spot.

The White Spot

Sonarchy radio recording: Seattle, 2008.

John Butcher - saxophones
Torsten Muller - contrabass
Dylan van der Schyff - drums.

Point of Departure | jazz word | Gapplegate

Way Out Northwest

The trio's first performance, from the 2007 Vancouver Jazz Festival.

John Butcher - saxophones
Torsten Muller - contra bass
Dylan van der Schyff - drums

WIRE | Dusted | cokemachineglow

Number 8 in The Factual Opinion's Top Ten Abrasive Albums From 2008.

Points, Snags & Windings

Recorded in Vancouver, Canada - 2000.

John Butcher - saxophones
Dylan van der Schyff - drums

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