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Mark Sanders & John Butcher
butcher with mark sanders
© geert vandepoele - OORSTOFF, Antwerp, 2016.

"the fascinating dance of the very light of life itself"
Raul d'Gama Rose / all about jazz

Tarab Cuts | Daylight | Treader Duos
Crucial Anatomy | Last Dream of the Morning (trio)

Sanders and Butcher first played together around 1986.
Activities include Steve Beresford's, Fish of the Week ('93), Christian Marclay's Everyday and a trio with Okkyung Lee (BrumNotes).

Their focus is now in duo: both improvised ( streams of expression | jazzmann | Kwadratuur) and in the composition Tarab Cuts - Butcher's re-imagining and interaction with recordings of early Arabic classical and Sufi music: and in the trio Last Dream of the Morning with John Edwards.

"An astonishing sonic sound, as if the human sources of the music were born together: Edwards, Sanders, Butcher - heartbeat, bloodstream, nerves and breath, the same organism, one nucleus."
Chris Searle / The MORNING STAR.

Crucial Anatomy

Crucial Anatomy
Cafe Oto, London, 2018.

Last Dream of the Morning
John Butcher / John Edwards / Mark Sanders

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Last Dream of the Morning

Studio recording 2016.

John Butcher / John Edwards / Mark Sanders

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Tarab Cuts

Vinyl LP (45 rpm)

A Between the Skies 13:56 -- BUTCHER: saxes, sound files.
B Under the Walls 14:08 -- SANDERS: drums, BUTCHER: feedback, sound files

These pieces were later expanded into a 50 min concert presentation also called Tarab Cuts.
LP purchase includes a free download code for a live performance of this.

"Not just a ghostly meditation on nostalgia and the emphemeral nature of culture, it's also a carefully constructed investigation into the Arab concept of tarab, the merging of music and emotional transformation"  WIRE - Daniel Spicer.


Two concert recordings 2010/11.

Mark Sanders - drums
John Butcher - saxophones

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Treader Duos

Recorded in concert in London, 2008.

1 John Butcher: saxophones - Mark Sanders: drums

2 Alex Ward: clarinet - Roger Turner: drums

3 John Tchicai: tenor saxophone or bass clarinet - Tony Marsh: drums

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