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Mark Sanders & John Butcher
butcher with mark sanders
© geert vandepoele - OORSTOFF, Antwerp, 2016.

"the fascinating dance of the very light of life itself"
Raul d'Gama Rose / all about jazz

Daylight | Treader Duos | Last Dream of the Morning (with John Edwards)

Sanders' and Butcher's musical paths have been crossing for almost 25 years. In 1993 they performed and recorded in Steve Beresford's sextet, Fish of the Week - and in 2011 began working on Christian Marclay's Everyday.

In recent years a very fruitfull duo collaboration has been active - producing two live CDs.
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In 2014 Out of the Machine commissioned Butcher to write Tarab Cuts for the duo - a work that re-imagines and interacts with recordings of early Arabic classical and Sufi music.

In early 2006 they toured (BrumNotes) with Okkyung Lee - and later in the year recorded in trio with John Edwards.

Last Dream of the Morning

Studio recording 2016.

Mark Sanders - drums
John Butcher - saxophones
John Edwards - bass


Two concert recordings 2010/11.

Mark Sanders - drums
John Butcher - saxophones

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The Squid's Ear

Treader Duos

Recorded in concert in London, 2008.

1 John Butcher: saxophones
Mark Sanders: drums

2 Alex Ward: clarinet - Roger Turner: drums

3 John Tchicai: tenor saxophone or bass clarinet
Tony Marsh: drums

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