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Gino Robair & John Butcher
gino robair and john butcher
drawing by Alice Spawls.

Bottle Breaking Heart Leap | Apophenia | New Oakland Burr | Liverpool (Bluecoat) Concert
Blasphemious Fragments | A Geography for Plays | 27.11.13 | On Air
Scrutables | Guerrilla Mosaics | 12 Milagritos

Californian percussionist/electronicist Gino Robair and John Butcher have been making music together for more than 20 years, both in duo and with special trio guests:

The Apophonics with John Edwards
The Open Secret with dieb13
+ Phil Minton
+ Thomas Lehn
+ Matthew Sperry
+ Miya Masaoka
+ Derek Bailey

Blasphemious Fragments

SNAP studios - 2017.

Phil Minton - voice
John Butcher - saxophones
Gino Robair - percussion, electronics, piano

Point of Departure | T.M.S. (PL) | Orynx (FR)

A Geography for Plays

RAK Studios, London, 2014.

The Open Secret
Gino Robair
John Butcher

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Cafe Oto, London, 2013.

The Apophonics
Gino Robair
John Butcher
John Edwards

Bottle Breaking Heart Leap

bottle breaking heart leap
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Leeds, 2013.

Gino Robair - John Butcher

"We seem to have dropped down to micro scale, the sounds of an insect village. Soon after, we're back in the room, with groovy tom rolls and wide open skronky blasts. I like this section in a kind of Cab-Calloway-meets-AMM way, but it's soon dismantled in a cacophony of brassy crashes." Louder Than War

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On Air

Recorded for BBC Jazz on 3, Pinewood, 2012.

The Apophonics: Gino Robair - John Butcher - John Edwards

".. with environments changing from stretched tones to moments of short bursts of stuttering voices, intense mini-sounds to amplify silence, birds chattering as if at war, industrial sounds suddenly .."

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Moat Studios, London, 2000. Released 2011.

Gino Robair - John Butcher - Derek Bailey

"The Yorkshire yogi plays electric guitar here, snaking sustained hums over simpatico bustle fom Butcher and Robair. Pan walks abroad. The string-scratching satyr of non-idiomatic improvisation is back."
Stewart Lee - Sunday Times

New York City Jazz Review | The Squid's Ear | Jazz Word
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KFJC, Los Altos Hills, California, 2009.

Gino Robair
John Butcher

"Imagine slow-motion cement monkeys pushing in vain against the bars of their cages,
steel bars that ring and vibrate in an endless corridor."
Sound Projector

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Guerrilla Mosaics

guerrilla mosaics cover
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Guerrilla Studios, Oakland, California, 2002.

Gino Robair
John Butcher
Miya Masaoka

"Few musicians working today are able to produce work as coherent and musical as this." allmusic

Paris Transatlantic | jazz word

New Oakland Burr

Guerrilla Studios, Oakland, California, 2001.

Gino Robair
John Butcher

"As cutting-edge as it gets: extremely demanding, often harsh on the ear, shocking, highly unstable, and even frustrating at times." allmusic


Liverpool (Bluecoat) Concert

liverpool cover
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Bluecoat Arts Centre, Liverpool, 2000

Gino Robair
John Butcher

"Leaving very few aural spaces unaccented, the two players fabricate tones that resemble motors grinding, garbage cans being dropped, and cash registers ringing." Jazz Word

12 Milagritos

Guerrilla Studios,Oakland, California, 1998.

Gino Robair / John Butcher / Matthew Sperry

"Music that soars in its own way, oblivious to the world, yet forging new perspectives that sound a cry for freedom. Butcher and his colleagues seem to hear the notes differently than anyone else on the planet, forging new traditions, and sputtering a fresh dynamic." allmusic

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