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John Butcher & Eddie Prévost
john butcher and eddie prévost
egg farm, fukaya saitama, japan. september 2010.

Visionary Fantasies | all but | sounding music | interworks | trinity

Eddie Prévost and John Butcher first shared the stage at Derek Bailey's 1990 London Company Week. 15 years later they played in duo at Goldie's Oligarch in the East London Foundry. Eddie chose to work with tam-tam, bowed cymbals and drum resonators - as heard on their CDs interworks and Visionary Fantasies.
In addition to European concerts the duo has made a memorable Japanese tour - organised by Hisashi Terauchi and reviewed by Kazue Yokoi at Jazz Tokyo (tour photos - and a visit to Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Additionally, they have recorded/broadcast in trio with John Tilbury - Eddie's AMM partner for almost 40 years.
In 2009 this trio was joined by Christian Wolff and Ute Kanngiesser for a concert on London's Freedom of the City festival (released as Sounding Music by AMM).
Other ventures incluse a trio with bassist Guillaume Viltard where Prévost plays drum kit, and concerts with Rohan de Saram and N.O. Moore.

Tilbury - Kanngeisser - Wolff - Butcher - Prévost.

Visionary Fantasies

visionary fantasies cover
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Live at Iklectik.

Eddie Prévost / John Butcher

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all but

all but cover
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Live at Network Theatre.

Eddie Prévost - drums
Guillaume Viltard - double bass
John Butcher - soprano and tenor saxophone

Point of Departure

sounding music

amm cover
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Recorded at Conway Hall, London, England on 3th May 2009.

Christian Wolff - piano, bass guitar, melodica
John Tilbury - piano
Eddie Prévost - percussion
Ute Kanngiesser - cello
John Butcher - soprano and tenor saxophone

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interworks cover
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Recorded at Gateway Studios, London: July 2005

John Butcher: tenor and soprano saxophones
Eddie Prévost: tam-tam and other percussion
Cover from "The Prospect of Whitby" by Terry Ellis.

"Butcher and Prévost are not the kind of musicians to turn in substandard performances, but even by their high standards this is a remarkably compelling disc. The recording renders the protesting metallic wail of Prévost's tam-tam and Butcher's disparate whispers, squelches, and immaculately joined multiphonic excursions as vivid as sunlight in the tropics." Signal to Noise - Bill Meyer


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Recorded at Trinity College of Music, Greenwich, England - 2008.

AMM: Eddie Prévost - percussion - John Tilbury piano
John Butcher - soprano and tenor saxophone

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