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new polwechsel
© llucia sanchez - berlin
Werner Dafeldecker | Martin Brandylmayr | John Butcher
Michael Moser | Burkhard Beins
(2003 - 2007)


Burkhard Stangl | Michael Moser |John Butcher | Werner Dafeldecker
(1997 - 2003)

Field | Archives of the North | Wrapped Islands | Polwechsel 3 | Polwechsel 2

Polwechsel formed in 1993 as an all Austrian quartet.
When Radu Malfatti left in 1997, John Butcher joined them to record Polwechsel 2. The group worked with compositions, improvisation and the ambiguity/intersection of these methods. In 2002/3 they recorded (Wrapped Islands) and toured with guitarist Christian Fennez.

In 2003, Burkhard Stangl left the group and percussionists Martin Brandlmayr and Burkhard Beins were invited to form a new version. In 2005 the group were 'artists in residence' at Tesla, Berlin - and a recording of the pieces devised there has been released as Archives of the North.

In 2007 they premiered, at Maerz Musik in Berlin, two compositions with pianist John Tilbury. Their studio recordings are released as Field.
After 10 years in the group, John Butcher left in 2007 - and Polwechsel continues as a 4-tet.
In 2017 they gave a special concert at HCMF with Butcher and Klaus Lang as guests.


Polwechsel / John Tilbury cover
Recorded August 2007 at Studio rp3 ORF in Vienna

Polwechsel / Tilbury


Archives of the North

Polwechsel archives of the north cover Recorded May 2005 at Tesla in Berlin, on hathut.

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Wrapped Islands

wrapped islands cover
order CD from Erstwhile.
Recorded at Amann Studios, Vienna: 2002

Polwechsel / Fennez.

Ink 19

Polwechsel 3

polwechsel 3 cover Studio recordings from Vienna: 2000 and 2001


Polwechsel 2

polwechsel 2 cover Studio recording at Jazzgalerie Nickelsdorf - 1998.

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