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Eddie Prévost | Mette Rasmussen | John Tilbury | Nate Wooley.

I have a few copies of this 7CD box-set.
40 GBP + postage.

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John Butcher @ ausland, 29 & 30 November 2019
Presented by Ni Vu Ni Connu / Ausland the music will be recorded for a series of vinyl releases in 2020.

Since first playing in East Berlin in 1987 (at Das Haus der jungen Talente), John Butcher has been a regular visitor to the city - both with his own groups and for valuable collaborations with many Berlin based musicians.
This year, coinciding with his 65th birthday, he has been invited for a 2 night residency, playing in established and new groupings.

photo: Laurent Orseau.

Friday November 29

John Butcher / Sophie Agnel
John Butcher / Thomas Lehn / Gino Robair

Saturday November 30
John Butcher / Liz Allbee / Marta Zapparoli / Ignaz Schick
Vellum: John Butcher / Magda Mayas / Tony Buck

A feature at All About Jazz for the series Building a Jazz Library - by John Eyles.

A look at 16 releases drawn from 30 years - 1987 to 2017.

News from the Shed ... to ... Keiji Haino.

Available as a Download for the first time.

Includes a 16 page PDF with:
Colour photos from the Arika tour of Scotland and the Orkneys
Introduction by Barry Esson.
Liner notes byBiba Kopf.
Essay by Stuart Broomer.

Originally released on CD (2008) by Confront and on LP (2017) by Blume.

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Crucial Anatomy
Cafe Oto, London - 2018.

"Last Dream of the Morning"
John Butcher / John Edwards / Mark Sanders

Salt Peanuts | The New Noise | Marlbank | Point of Departure

Old Paradise Airs
Iklectik, London - 2018.

Steve Beresford / John Butcher

Point of Departure

Fictional Souvenirs
Iklectik, London - 2017.

Pat Thomas - Moog Theremini & iPad based electronics
John Butcher - soprano and tenor saxophone
Stĺle Liavik Solberg - drums and percussion

Jazzwise | Salt Peanuts | all about jazz

Blasphemious Fragments
SNAP studios - 2017.

Phil Minton - voice
John Butcher - saxophones
Gino Robair - percussion, electronics, piano

Point of Departure

rimouski cds2018 in Quebec.

How does this happen?
with Eric Normand & Philippe Lauzier.

Facons (double CD) with GGRIL, the 20+ Rimouski band.
CD1 - pieces by Isaiah Ceccarelli & Xavier Charles
CD2 - "Local Fixations" by John Butcher.

I have a few copies. Please email if interested.

Drunk on Dreams
Radio France, Paris - 2016.
White Vinyl LP

John Butcher / Rhodri Davies

Norman Records | DOWNBEAT | Toneshift

A Geography for Plays
RAK Studios, London, 2014.

The Open Secret
Gino Robair
John Butcher

freejazz | dusted | Jazzword

At the Hill of James Magee
Live in the West Texas desert.

Joe McPhee - alto sax
John Butcher - tenor sax

freejazzblog | tiny mix tapes | all about jazz | WIRE | Downbeat | Morning Star

Tarab Cuts
Vinyl LP (45 rpm)

A Between the Skies 13:56 -- BUTCHER: saxes, sound files.
B Under the Walls 14:08 -- SANDERS: drums, BUTCHER: feedback, sound files

These pieces were later developed for a live presentation also called Tarab Cuts.
LP purchase includes a free download of a performance of this.

"Not just a ghostly meditation on nostalgia and the ephemeral nature of culture, it's also a carefully constructed investigation into the Arab concept of tarab, the merging of music and emotional transformation"  WIRE - Daniel Spicer.

Pitt Rivers, Oxford - 2016.

John Butcher / Angharad Davies / Rhodri Davies / Lina Lapelyte
Lee Patterson/ Pat Thomas

See the objects used in the score.

Jazz Wise | Dusted

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