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Toshimaru Nakamura & John Butcher
butcher, nakamura
© andy newcombe - cafe oto, london, 2008.

"There's a very particular aura about this music - it's holy metallic noise"
Squid's Ear - Florence Wetzel

Ftarri Collection 1 | Dusted Machinery | Cavern with Nightlife

In 2002 Hisashi Terauchi invited John Butcher for his first visit to Japan - to play partly solo and partly with Japanese musicians.
A duo concert with Nakamura was their first encouter and makes up half of the CD Cavern with Nightlife.
A second chance to play together again occured in 2004, at Plan B in Tokyo.
Later meetings include the "First Last" LMC Festival & Cafe Oto (London), Ftarri (Tokyo) and Instant Chavires (Paris).

When they were invited to record in London for David Sylvian's "When we return you won't recogise us" project they set the next afternoon aside to make the record "Dusted Machinery".

IMJ has released a collection from the Ftarri/Doubtmusic Festival 2010 including their trio set with Tetuzi Akiyama.

Ftarri Collection 1

Live at Super Deluxe, Tokyo, Japan.

John Butcher / Toshimau Nakamura / Tetuzi Akiyama - one track (22:27)

Sugimoto / Iiada / Unami / Nakamura - one track (23:02)

Otomo Yoshihide / Nakamura / Ryu Hankil - one track (27:43)

improv sphere

Dusted Machinery

dusted machinery cover
Download via Bandcamp
2010 studio recording.

Toshimaru Nakamura - no-input mixing desk
John Butcher - saxophones, acoustic and feedback

free jazz | The Whole Note | Dusted | freq | squid's ear | loop

"Knead is like a Kevin Drumm piece accompanied by mechanical geese"
Dusted - Jason Bivins

Cavern with Nightlife

Two Japanese concerts from 2002 on Weight of Wax.

2nd half: Duo with Toshimaru Nakimura.
1st half: Solo inside the Oya Stone mountain.