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John Butcher & Andy Moor
butcher with andy moor
© pietro previti - Napoli, Italy - 2013.

Experiments with a Leaf | Thermal

Andy Moor and John Butcher's paths first crossed at various festivals where the EX were on the bill.
They first played together in 2000, then with synthist Thomas Lehn - which led to the long term trio Thermal.
The next few years focussed on Thermal, but also duo concerts, a trio with Kaffe Matthews in Texas, The EX Orkest tour, and various EX related meetings.
Since 2010 their duo has worked more regularly, and has now released Experiments with a Leaf. In 2016 they played at All Tomorrow's Parties, Le Guess Who and Copenhagen JazzHouse.

Experiments with a Leaf

Experiments with a Leaf cover
DL at Unsounds.
Live in 2013.

Andy Moor - guitars
John Butcher - saxophones

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butcher, moor, lehn cover Recorded at Overtone, Amsterdam - 2001.

Andy Moor - guitars
John Butcher - saxophones
Thomas Lehn - synthesiser

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