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Thermal, Area Sismica, Italy.
Thermal, Area Sismica.
Forli, Italy - February.
photo: Ariele Monti.
Thermal - Italy
with Ståle Liavik Solberg, London Underground.
with Ståle Liavik Solberg.
Village Underground, London - May.
photo: Ryan Jewell.
Ståle Liavik Solberg
Recording Topophony.
Recording Topophony by Christoper Fox. WDR Symphony Orchestra - with Ilan Volkov.
Two improvisiong soloists, myself and Thomas Lehn (waiting).
Cologne - May.
Fox - Topohony
Max Eastley & Ute Wasserman, Berlin.
Max Eastley & Ute Wasserman.
DAAD Gallery, Berlin. - August.
Eastley & Wasserman

Matthew Shipp / Thomas Lehn / John Butcher:
On the road - October.

Shipp, Lehn, Butcher - Cologne.
Shipp, Lehn, Butcher.
Stadtgarten, Cologne, Germany.
Shipp, Lehn, Butcher - Lille.
Shipp, Lehn, Butcher.
La Malterie, Lille, France.
photo: Philippe Lenglet.
Shipp, Lehn, Butcher - Sextan Studio.
Shipp, Lehn, Butcher.
Recording for Rogue Art, Sextan Studio, Paris, France.
photo: Michel Dorbon.
Shipp, Lehn, Butcher - Klub Gromka.
Shipp, Lehn, Butcher.
Klub Gromka, Ljubljiana, Slovenia.

Tony Buck, Ikue Mori - Oslo.
Tony Buck, Ikue Mori.
Blow Out, Oslo, Norway.
Blow Out!
Way Out Northwest, Guelph.
Way Out Northwest - Torten Müller, Dylan van der Schyff.
Guelph Jazz Festival, Canada - September.
photo: Owen Kurtz
Guelph Jazz Festival
Polwechsel - HCMF.
Polwechsel with Klaus Lang.
HCMF, St. Paul's, Huddersfield, UK.
Polwechsel ++
with Ken Vandermark - Krakow.
First duo with Ken Vandermark.
Alchemia, Krakow, Poland - November.
photo: Adam Wojtuniak.
Ken Vandermark
with John Tilbury - Krakow.
with John Tilbury.
Alchemia, Krakow, Poland - November.
photo: Adam Wojtuniak.
John Tilbury
Quintet, Iklectik.
Steve Beresford, John Edwards, me, Terry Day, Thurston Moore
Iklectik, London - November.
photo: Livia B