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"Good Liquor Caused my Heart for to Sing"
John Butcher & London Sinfonietta

WHITE CUBE, Bermondsey
Commissioned by London Sinfonietta and Christian Marclay for part of his 2015 WHITE CUBE exhibition.

"John Butcher and the London Sinfonietta performed "Good Liquor Caused my Heart for to Sing", an elegiac piece full of fading, ragged vigour that combined snatches of melodies from drinking songs and music-hall ballads with splintered, abstract sounds, again created using pebbles and empty pint glasses.
Keening and melancholic - and channelling the spirit of an older, gruffer Britain that once stalked the squalid, post-war streets of Soho - it was haunting, dramatic, and shabbily magnificent." - Telegraph.

A live vinyl pressing, with a Marclay cover, is availble from The Vinyl Factory.

WIRE - Richard Pinnell:

To coincide with his Pub Crawl exhibition at the White Cube Gallery erlier this year, Christian Marclay invited musician friends to create works within the space that were then recorded live and pressed to vinyl right there in the gallery using a mobile pressing plant.
Good Liquor Caused My Heart For To Sing results from a work composed by John Butcher, who performed it alongside members of The London Sinfonietta.

Aiming to expose and connect the resonating properties of various spaces, Butcher set aside his familiar saxophone in favour of a number of different sized wine glasses. Into these he placed microphones, so creating feedback of varying tones that he then arranged and fed into the vast gallery, alongside which the classically trained musicians performed.

Heaving feedback tones then jostle with delicate latticeworks of violin, cello, percussion and clarinet, all undermined by the rough and ready vinyl pressing itself to create a peculiar but oddly satisfying work that feels a bit like trying to listen to competing and contrasting concerts held down the hallway from where you are stood.