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john butcher and john edwards photo
© pere pratdesaba - fundació joan miró, barcelona.

duo: Optic | Hit and Run | FOTC 2003
groups: Last Dream of the Morning | On Air | somethingtobesaid | The First Two Gigs | A Brush With Dignity

Passionate, involving music, at the same time so carefully detailed and, dare I say, elegant.
Massimo Ricci - Touching Extremes

Although they've lived in the same town for many years, John Edwards and John Butcher didn't play together until 1997 - in a trio with Pat Thomas at the Room at the Top.
Since then, they have worked in many contexts - but most often as a duo, releasing music recorded at the FMP Festival, the Freedom of the City Festival, and the Joan Miro Foundation.

Other groups include: Sanders / Butcher / Edwards and The Apophonics

Last Dream of the Morning

Studio recording 2016.

Mark Sanders
John Butcher
John Edwards

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On Air

Recorded for BBC Jazz on 3, Pinewood: 2012.

The Apophonics
Gino Robair
John Butcher
John Edwards

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Live at L'Archiduc, Brussels: 2001 and Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona: 2002

Steve Beresford's liner notes

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Hit and Run

Hit and Run cover
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Recorded at the FMP Total Music Meeting, Berlin: 1999
John Edwards & John Butcher
John Edwards & Paul Dunmall

Steve Lake's liner notes


Freedom of the City 2003 - small groups

FOTC cover
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One duo track (18:55) on a double CD compilation from London's Freedom of the City festival.

Saxophone and double bass duos can't get better than Butcher and John, especially when they explore the realms of droning resonance and dark-alley polyphony while knotting fingers and tongue in complex marvellous new languages; in that sense their Spokes could be the top of this selection.
Massimo Ricci - Touching Extremes