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Rhodri Davies & John Butcher
davies and butcher
© miyoko haiashi - jazz spot candy, chiba, japan. oct 2004.

Routing Lynn | Carliol | Vortices & Angels
whitewashed with lines | Morden Tower

"the sound sings multitudes, like the universal chord of Theosophy"   Jason Bivins / Dusted

Davies and Butcher met in 1997, playing in Butch Morris' London Skyscraper and Chris Burn's Ensemble. Since then they have collaborated on a wide range of projects, taking their music around Europe, Japan and North America.

Their first duo concert came out on the CD Vortices and Angels and was completely acoustic. Ten years later Carliol, dissolved their instruments' boundaries - merging their physical, acoustic and electrical possibilities. In places, the harp is played by air, the saxophone by physical impact; the harp acts as a resonator for saxophone controlled feedback; the saxophone acts as a filter of the embedded electric harp speaker.

Routing Lynn, from 2014, is a live duo performance interacting with 4 channel open air recordings made in Northumberland with Chris Watson.

COMMON OBJECTS is a larger, flexible grouping - with two releases:
Live in Morden Tower with Lee Patterson and whitewashed with lines with Patterson and Angharad Davies.

Routing Lynn

routing lynn
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Gateshead - 2014.

Rhodri Davies: harps
John Butcher: saxophones

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Point of Departure | free jazz


Recorded: Newcastle, London, Crear.

Butcher - tenor or soprano saxophones - plus feedback, motors, embedded harp speaker
Davies - pedal harp, lever harp with embedded speaker and electric harp. Aeolian electric harp

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Vortices and Angels

vortices and angels
Butcher / Davies, live at All Angels - Bailey / Butcher, live at the Vortex.

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Suddenly we're inside a church, hearing Butcher skittering out a difficult thread of fluttering noises so high-pitched that they're almost not there, while out of the other speaker come isolated sounds of springy, loosened-strings from what I thought was Derek Bailey's big acoustic guitar but noooooo!
It's the unprecedented harpist Rhodri Davies pulling off strange, isolated notes from his instrument. Sploingg.... buzzzzz.... Butcher then joins him in the lower registers, blowing moody, fluttery figures with an almost granulated rough edge.
Freely improvised duo playing rarely gets as tasty as this. Niiiiiice. Tony Mostrom / Epulse

whitewashed with lines

Durham - 2013 & Newcastle - 2014.

Rhodri Davies: electric and pedal harps
Angharad Davies: acoustic and amplified violin
Lee Patterson: amplified devices and processes
John Butcher: saxophones and amplifier

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Live in Morden Tower

Live recording: Newcastle, 2013.

Rhodri Davies: electric harp
Lee Patterson: amplified devices and processes
John Butcher: saxophones and amplifier

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