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The Contest of Pleasures
the trio at ulrichsberg 2009
teater lederman, stockholm, 2009. - © lars jönsson

Axel Dörner - Xavier Charles - John Butcher

"the grain of acoustic sound takes on the metallic colour one associates with the electronic, in the process redefining the idea of sonic modernity, disproving the idea that it can only be provided by new technology." Nick Cain / Opprobrium

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CODA Victoriaville review

The trio formed, at the suggestion of Xavier Charles, to play at the 1999 Musique Action in Vandoeuvrve, and has since played in France, Austria, Sweden and Switzerland - including at the Victoriaville (Canada), LMC (UK), GMEA (France) and Huddersfield Contemporary (UK) festivals.

the trio drawn at albi 2005
© mazen kerbaj

In May 2005 the trio spent a week working with sound diffusionist Laurent Sassi at Groupe de Music Electroacoustique d'Albi.
Some of the results are on the cd Albi Days.

An extension of this project, The Contest of More Pleasures, with Jean Pallandre (field recordings and manipulation) added, involving multiple microphone/speaker use and local pre-recordings, took place in Ulrichsberg, Austria in June 2009.


Live at the 2006 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.

Point of Departure

Albi Days

Albi Days cover
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Recorded May 2005 in Albi, France.

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The Contest of Pleasures

the contest of pleasures cover In concert at Chapelle Saint-Jean, Mulhouse - 2000

Dan Warburton's liner notes

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"This disc illustrates acoustic instrumentation's capability for self-renewal, and its ability to create moment-to-moment uncertainty, the mystery of human breath becoming electronic."
Nick Cain - Opprobrium