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Steve Beresford & John Butcher
butcher and beresford
© pierre bouvier patron.

Old Paradise Airs | I Shall Become a Bat | FOTC 2001 | Fish of the Week | At Close Quarters

Beresford and Butcher first played together in 1992 in These Records small Wandsworth shop. Further memorable duo concerts include Vancouver, London, Lausanne and Brighton.

In between, there have been numerous other projects such as Beresford's Fish of the Week , a trio with Paul Lovens and countless ad-hoc situations.
They have also collaborated on the realisations of a number of Christian Marclay pieces - Screen Play, Graffiti Music, Shuffle and, most recently, Everyday.

Old Paradise Airs
Iklectik, London, 2019.

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I Shall become a Bat

I Shall become a Bat cover Black and red vinyl, cover artwork from Marcel Duchamp.

Side A: Beresford / Butcher
Side B: Beresford / Sanderson

"Butcher's raucous saxophone blasts are the perfect foil for Beresford's more aggressive electronics, which initially sound off like a broken fire alarm before easing into a more Ambient flow. Meanwhile Butcher continues to bombard with a series of inventive and brilliantly timed horn intrusions that bang and buzz like a trapped hornet against the fluid frame of noise loosely assembled by Beresford."
Edwin Pouncey - WIRE.

beresford butcher at freedom of the city
order CD from Emanem.
The duo's 18 minute piece from 2001's Freedom of the City Festival.

"The semi-regular pairing of Steve Beresford on electronics and John Butcher on saxes provide my favourite music of the entire album."
John Eyles - BBC experimental review of FOTC 2001