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The Apophonics
butcher, edwards, robair
© joby waldman, pinewood 2012.

John Butcher - saxophones
John Edwards - double bass
Gino Robair - energised surfaces and synth

27.11.13 | On Air

John Butcher first played with Gino Robair and John Edwards in 1997 - two duos. In 2011 they formed The Apophonics.

"Built around extra-sensory sonic perception their strategy advanced amoeba-like, continuously melding and breaking apart timbres in different configurations. Edwards' super-speedy wood and string smacking was sometimes appropriately violent; Butcher's output jumped from sonorous glissandi to staccato reed bites and Robair's holistic approach sometimes seemed child-like as he smacked his mallets on the stage floor, rubbed a violin bow on drum rims and literally blew on the drum skin.
The saxophonist's lines could be sonorously wispy, or could consist of reed finger-tapping or amplification to pick up the feedback generated as he moved his tenor in different arcs without blowing into it.

Ken Waxman, New York City Jazz Record at Ulrichsberger Kaleidophon

Cafe Oto, London, 2013.

On Air

Recorded for BBC Jazz on 3, Pinewood, 2012.

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